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DRAFT 2010

The draft is tentatively set for Saturday, October 2nd.


-12:00pm EST

-9:00am PDT

-5:00pm London

Draft Resources (follow the links):

  • The Draft Will Take Place on Yahoo
  • Review Last Year's Draft for Keeper Purposes
  • Keeper and Draft Order Cheat Sheet!

    Draft Order:

    1. Alvin

    2. Frank

    3. Adam

    4. Corey

    5. Greg

    6. Eric

    7. Dave

    8. Avi

    9. Ben

    10. Scott

    11. Mike

    12. Jason

    13. Amit

    14. Jeremy

    Draft Lottery  

    The two new teams were given an even chance for the top pick.  The next four draft picks were randomly selected among the remaining bottom six teams from the year before.  The rest of the draft order is in reverse order of finish, with the winner from last year picking last.

    Declare Keepers - Beginning Saturday, September 25th

    Starting with the winner of the league the year before and ending with the team picking first, each team declares their keepers and what round they will be selected.

    Live Draft - Sunday, October 3rd 5:00pm EST