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May 3, 2001

Proud of ya means props to dave for blinding kolzig with his pocket sun, it means props to adam for leadin the schenley team in scoring, it means props to me for liftin all of 135 for ten, it means props to ben for all the poop girls he's had (and the hot ones, dont get swoll), it means props to greg for makin the second line of the illini roller hockey team, it means props to brandy for bein a drunken ho, it means props to sara for knockin people the fuck out...

- Mike

May 3, 2001

Proud of ya is when someone is overly giddy about something they did - like when Dave scores a goal in hockey.

- Ben

September 24, 2001

"PROUDOFYA" Is when you think that, you or something you did is special, BUT ITS NOT! AND NEITHER ARE YOU! SO YOU JUST NEED TO SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET!

- Craig

April 18, 2004

Proudofya is an art form of ballbusting. Say it too soon and the person you are saying it too wont get giddy enough to get swole, say it to late and the moment is over and noone gets swole. BUT say it JUST THE RIGHT TIME, right when their eyes are bulging out and the grin is plastered clear across their face.

like for example:

HEY MOM I GOT AN A ON MY TEST ......(wait..wait..wait) PERRRROUD OF YA!

then you will see major swailsness!

- Adam